Ballet Collection

Ballet Collection

Beautiful handmade accessories inspired by the grace and elegance of  ballet

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A pair of beautifully designed hair clips suitable for all occasions.Handmade in London.If you wish ..


Daisy Doll

A set of two double layered hairclips in pinkHandmade in London.If you wish to order different colou..



Handmade in London.A smart hair clip with a flower detail..


Dotty Butterfly

Handmade in LondonSomething different for your child . A double layered ponytail elastic.If you wish..


Flower Butterfly

Handmade in London. A beautiful stylish hairclip with an extra organic layer. If you like different ..


Lime Alice Band

Satin head band with a beautifully designed handmade bow.Green and pink with a polka dot detail. If ..


Marina Dot

An elegant and beautifully designed hairclip.Handmade in LondonIf you would like to order other..


Matea Gold

A set of beautifully designed hair clips in pink.If you wish to order other colours please let ..



A set of two beautifully designed hair in pink.If you wish to order different colours please co..


Michelle Vert

Handmade in LondonDouble layered ribbon in pink with green detail.  If you wish to order in oth..



A set of simple and smart hairclips. Excellent match to most school uniforms. Handmade in LondonIf y..


Navy & Flower

A set of two beautifully designed hair clips.Handmade in London.Navy blue and white. If yo..